Geophysical Journal | 2005 volume 27 4

Partial melting of rocks: coherence of the melt inclusions during the melting process along the grain edges of their crystal structure

© O.V. Aryasova, Ya.M. Khazan

The conductivity and permeability of a random system of conductive elements placed on sides of grains of a cubic lattice are numerically modeled. Conductive sides are modeled by 4-poles which are interconnected in nodes on the lattice edges. It is shown that the connectivity threshold pth of the system corresponds approximately to 50% of the occupied lattice sides. If the probability p for a side to be occupied exceeds the threshold the conductivity scales linearly with p-pth. The results obtained can be used to calculate the permeability and conductivity of partially molten rock since recent experiments have demonstrated that the main part of the melt is concentrated in flat inclusions which occupy the grain sides.

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