Geophysical Journal | 2005 volume 27 4

An acoustic method for determining the function of distribution of minerals and microcracks orientation in polymineral rocks

© G.T. Prodayvoda, D.A. Bezrodnyi, T.G. Prodayvoda

A new acoustic method of the texture analysis of polymineral microfractured rocks is described. The iron quartzite textures are studied. Formation of the texture of iron quartzite was shown to be produced, probably, in two stages. At the first stage under conditions of high pressures and temperatures formation of metamorphic banding of siliceous iron sediments occurred. At the second stage formation of oriented quartz, calcite, magnetite and microcracks as a result of plastic deformations under the action of stress and slight influence of syntectonic recrystallization under conditions of moderate temperatures took place.

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