Geophysical Journal | 2005 volume 27 4

An experiment of application of long communication cables for magnetotelluric sounding

© S.S. Starzhynskiy, V.V. Nikiforov

For magnetotelluric sounding of deep Earth's layers a long-term registration of geomagnetic and telluric fields at its surface is carried out. Special attention must be paid to removing local geoelectrical inhomogeneities effect, a high electrode potential and apparatus stability, because of low signal to noise ratio. Many of these requirements are satisfied by means of using the sea and land long communication cables for the telluric field variation measurement. With the aim of working out the methodology of such type of measurements in the Primorye territory the registration of the telluric field variations at a long land communication cables was carried out. With the help of the geomagnetic field variations taken from the nearest site the apparent resistivity curve was estimated, which is in agreement with the earlier obtained result. The 1-D inversion of the apparent resistivity curve revealed a high conductive layer about 5 km thick in the upper part of the geoelectrical section.

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