Geophysical Journal | 2005 volume 27 5

On the processes of diorthogonalization of some vector families, which appear while characteristic polynomes of matrices are being constructed and which are used for solving the systems of linear algebraic equations. 2

© Chernaya O.A., Yakimchik A.I.

The areas of applying the methods presented in the first part of this work and used while proper vectors are being determined and solutions of the system of linear equations are being looked for have been characterized. The study of proposed methods differs from conventional one and involves constructing orthonormalized or A-orthonormalized vector sequences. Optimal ways for the choice of initial vectors of totalities being constructed have been shown. Stable procedures of diorthogonalization of orthonormalized, A-orthonormalized or biorthonormalized vector systems have been found, which allow to determine with high precision both vectors of multitudes being constructed and coefficients of characteristic polynome.

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