Geophysical Journal | 2005 volume 27 5

Estimation of dependence of regional climatic fields parameters on the height of the district above the sea level

© Boychenko S.G., Serdjuchenko N.N.

A method for definition of dependence of meteoelements on the height of district above the sea level has been proposed in the paper for different physical-geographical regions (the Volyno-Podolsk Height is considered in detail). Estimations of a seasonal course of vertical, latitudinal and longitudinal gradients of temperature of ground air and intensity of atmospheric precipitation have allowed: to construct semi-empirical models of a condition of regional climatic fields for the period 1971-2000; to carry out a filtration of empirical data of climatic norms and to allocate "microclimatic noise"; to determine climatic representativity of meteorological stations of the region of the Volyno-Podolsk Height.

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