Geophysical Journal | 2005 volume 27 5

The main features of the Upperdevonian rift development of the Dono-Dnieprovskiy aulakogen in the West Donbas

© Golizdra G.Ya., Popovich V.S., Logvin V.N., Tatarinova T.A.

On the basis of outcomes of seismogravitational simulation of geophysical observations on geotraverses in the limits of Western Donbass tectonic scheme and the scheme of isopach lines of Upper Devonian rift complex are constructed. It was established that Upper Devonian deposits were accumulated during formation of rift, therefore their maximum power coincides with an axial part of an aulacogen. From this viewpoint Western Donbass differs from a northwest part of Donno-Dneprovsky aulacogen, where the maximum power of Upper Devonian deposits is coordinated to its banks.

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