Geophysical Journal | 2005 volume 27 5

On temperature distribution on the M and K discontinuities in the territory of Bulgaria

© Dobrev T., Yosifov D., Dimovsky S.

The composed schematic map of temperature distribution on Moho discontinuity reveals a non-uniform thermal field. This is caused by the existing thermal and geological non-uniform character of the upper section of the Earth's mantle. The temperature on Moho discontinuity in North Bulgaria is in the range of 400-600º C, and in South Bulgaria it varies between 400 and 800º C. The thermal field on Conrad discontinuity is characterized by temperature values in the range of 200-520º C. The performed study reveals the interrelation between the thermal field parameters and the basalt layer surface. The well-distinguished thermal zones on the developed schematic maps of temperature distribution are analysed. They correlate with the block and fault structures existing in the Earth's crust in the territory of Bulgaria.

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