Geophysical Journal | 2005 volume 27 5

Geoelectric 2D model of the Kirovograd conductivity anomaly

© Logvinov I.M., Tarasov V.N.

The results of 2D modeling with the use of MTS data and of determined for the first time induction arrows in a range of the periods from 64 up to 10800 s concentrated on 5 profiles crossing the Kirovograd conductivity anomaly from the southern board of the Ukrainian shield up to the northern board of the Dniper-Donetsk basin (DDB) are given. The conducting area includes two conducting objects, one of which is located within the limits of the Kirovograd block, another - in the Sredne Dniper block on the depth from 14 up to 42 kms (from 6 up to 19 kms in DDB). The integrated conductivity of objects G=Σ(hL/ ), h - capacity of the block of breeds of constant resistance in m, L - its width in m and - resistance of the block of breeds in m) makes (2-6) 108 S m (in DDB less than 108 S m). The nature of object in the Kirovograd block is most probably connected with recent activization, testifiet by the raised heat flow.

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