Geophysical Journal | 2005 volume 27 6

Regional 3-D P-velocity model of the mantle of Sarmatia (southwest of the Easteuropean platform)

© T.A. Tsvetkova, L.A. Shumlyanskaya, I.V. Bugaenko, L.A. Zayets

Tailor approximation of eikonal equation and wave equation technique developed by V.S. Geyko allowed to obtain 3-D P-velocity structure of the Sarmatia mantle. Relations of the main velocity structures of the upper mantle of Sarmatia with its tectonic structures has been revealed, the cause of subdivision of the Ukrainian shield structures into eastern, central and western parts along the Zaporizhskiy massif and Orekhovo-Pavlogradskaya suture zone and Golovanyevskaya suture zone has been explained, formation of the subduction area of the Sarmatia velocity structures under the Carpathians has been shown. A notion of the Golitsyn-Geyko layer as the first inverse velocity layer of the mantle has been introduced, its constructional role in a velocity structure of the lower tectonosphere of the studied region has been shown.

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