Geophysical Journal | 2006 volume 28 1

Diffusional cellular-automated model of seismic activity: results of a numerical experiment. Comparison with observations

© Kulchitskiy V.E.

The cellular-automated model of seismic activity is offered, in which the interaction of adjacent cells is described by algorithm similar to the obvious finite difference scheme of a solution of a diffusion equation with a source. The process of a rupture (earthquake) in a model is set by a cascade releasing mechanism of energy by cells, in which the energy achieves critical significance. The results of the analysis of properties of model earthquakes are given. Qualitative similarity of many properties of model and real earthquakes - fractal character, grouping, migration, property of extreme parameters is observed. The analysis of the catalogues of model events from viewpoints of the theory of dynamic systems is conducted. Is has been shown, that in some cases the determined chaos will be realized in a system.

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