Geophysical Journal | 2006 volume 28 2

"Paleomicrocontinent" Arattia (Ukrainia) and geodynamic evolution of its enclosing rock (in relation to assessment of the island Zmeyinyi tectonic position)

© M.E. Gerasimov

The allocation of a Laurussia fragment, limited by two Later ??leozoic conflict seams is justified: Donetsk in the north and Danube-Terek in the south as "paleomicro?ontinent" Arattia (Ukrainia). The southern frame of Arattia represents a collage of paleomicro?ontinents, terrains and island arcs (Scythia, Crimea, Moesia, Dzirulia, Rhodopia etc.). The attention is paid to formation of back arching rifting deeps, overthrusting tectonic style with opposite vergention of structures on western and eastern flanks. Northern vergention in the west is stipulated by overthrusting of Moesia and Rhodopia, and southern vergention in the east - by underthrusting of Crimea and Dzirulia under Scythia. This geodynamic mode stipulates modern seismic activity of the region. The Island Zmeyinyi is located within the limits of Prydanube tectonic slice, complicated by large tectonic gaps with reverse fault-overthrust and strike-slip fault kinematics.

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