Geophysical Journal | 2006 volume 28 2

VSpecial features of creep and fragile destruction in case of shear deformation of viscous-elastic damaged medium

© V.B. Spirtus, Ye.V. Savchuk

Numerical simulation of shear strains and destruction for geophysical applications is topical in relation to research of abrupt movements along the tectonic faults and medium-term earthquake prediction. The term F0 in free energy form of viscous-elastic damaged material related to the memory of media about ductile and brittle stationary regimes was, as a rule, not taken into account in previous works. We obtained and studied nonlinear dynamic system for simple one-dimensional case. Some methods of bifurcation analysis were used. The numerical calculations show the existence a rheological phase transition from creep to brittle destruction, a possibility of cyclic oscillations of deformations and damage in creep regime and realization of damped repeating strain drops when maximum permitted damage has been achieved.

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