Geophysical Journal | 2006 volume 28 2

Once more on curative basis of mineral waters of the "Naftusya" type

© V.M. Shchepak

The paper is being published to continue a discussion initiated by V.M. Shestopalov and N.P. Moiseeva after the publication of the article "Physical-chemical monitoring of the native state of "Naftusya" #1 of the spa Truskavets and its analogues in relation to the problem of their curative essence". In their critical paper "Once more on the curative essence of mineral waters of "Naftusya" type the opponents presented critical remarks which did not relate to the author's concept of genuine nature of curative essence of mineral waters of "Naftusya" type but only on its secondary positions. All these critical remarks of the opponents are answered by the author in scientifically substantiated manner and their complete baselessness has been shown. In addition the article has demonstrated for the first time a new position that hydrodynamic factor has a crucial importance in the formation of curative properties of the waters of the "Naftusya" type. In a special case of Truskavets deposit it has been shown that "Naftusya" waters are being formed only in those cases when a complete cycle of water exchange in aquifers where it is being formed is not less than 0,4-0,5 years.

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