Geophysical Journal | 2006 volume 28 2

An integrated data processing of AMTS in search for oil-gascondensate deposits

© V.V. Sukhoy, Ye.M. Sheremet, S.N. Kulik, S.M. Fedotov

An integrated AMTS data processing in prospecting for oil-natural gas accumulations is considered. Processing includes generation of 1D and 2D geoelectrical models on the basis of the original software package both by data of direct AMTS measurements and by electrical logging of boreholes drilled within the survey area. For data processing of AMTS field measurements a novel technique to improve noise immunity for estimation of impedance module that employs correction by impedance phase distribution is used. Comparative analysis of geoelectrical models for normal and anomalous (oil) structures is made. AMTS measurements by independent points along the profile perpendicular to the strike of the anomalous structure, for example of the width of hundreds meters, allow localizing its horizontal position with accuracy within several tens of meters.

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