Geophysical Journal | 2006 volume 28 3

Actual problems of geodynamics: physical aspects of generation of toroidal magnetic fields in the Earth's atmosphere

© Shuman V.N.

Different aspects of the problem of generation of toroidal component of the Main geomagnetic field and its temporal variations in the low-conducting Earth's atmosphere are being discussed in the paper. Some problems of geophysical electrodynamics are being considered within the limits of spherical geometry, in particular, the problems of coming out the toroidal component of magnetic field into the atmosphere both at the expense of finite conductivity of the air, when the field can diffuse through this medium and due to the presence of strength-less (Beltrami) fields for which B is everywhere parallel to . A conclusion is being drawn that despite the impressive achievements in development of theory and practice of electromagnetic sounding systems with natural excitation of the field, some contradictory problems which were set in the past as to mechanism of producing electromagnetic response, which is registered at the "surface-to-air" interface, in particular, of its bimodal structure are still unsolved and are waiting for their solution.

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