Geophysical Journal | 2006 volume 28 3

Consistent geomagnetic images crossover the state borders between Romania and Ukraine

© Besutiu L., Orlyuk M., Demetrescu C., Pashkevich I., Atanasiu L., Maksimchuk V., Zlagnean L.

Results of complex magnetometric studies in the north of Rumania and southwest of Ukraine are given in the paper. Results of observations have been described for a net of points of secular variations and key magnetic points, where measurements of module of geomagnetic field T allowed to reduce to a common standard the images of anomalous magnetic field (Δ) of two countries. An image of anomalous magnetic field (Δ) has been created for the first time at the height 2500 m on the base of experimental and theoretical studies, which has been reduced to international geomagnetic reference field of the Earth (IGRF) of the 2004 year epoch.

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