Geophysical Journal | 2006 volume 28 3

Magnetic susceptibilities of groundwater samples from antique hand pumps in Tainan, Taiwan

© Lewis Charles, Chia-Jung Chang, Sue J. Lin

  Mass specific magnetic susceptibilities (X) of 24 groundwater samples collected from 12 antique pump wells in Tainan, Taiwan, were analyzed with a Bartington MS2 susceptibility unit to determine the levels (if any) of magnetic pollution. Compared to the susceptibility of "pure" water (-0.009µm3 kg-1) all pumped samples were found to be similarly diamagnetic, with susceptibilities ranging from -0.009 to -0.014µm3kg-1 (mean=X-0.012µm3kg-1), indicative of negligible magnetic contamination to the aquifer.
      The application of the geophysical magnetic susceptibility tool as a first-order discriminante of possible groundwater contaminants, such as iron and other magnetic substances, may sometimes prove more economical than costly water analyses.

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