Geophysical Journal | 2006 volume 28 3

Control of economic and emergency explosions in the territory of Ukraine by seismic stations of the Main center of special control

© Andrushchenko Yu.A.

The article deals with characteristics of the Main center of special control of seismic stations located in the territories of the Zitomir region in the villages of Pidluby, Zelenitsa and Kamenyi Brid. Criteria by which it is possible to distinguish the records of industrial explosions from the signals of other source are considered. The example of signals from the explosions, which happened on storages of ammunition near the village of Novobogdanovka of the Melitopol region, registered by the seismic stations is resulted. It is shown, that there is economic feasibility to control the origin of not only industrial but also military explosions practically in all the territory of Ukraine and in contiguous districts. A conclusion is done, that the seismic stations of the Main center of special control can be used for the state control of unauthorized industrial explosions, and also of accidental explosions (both industrial, and military) eliminating the danger for life and health of citizens.

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