Geophysical Journal | 2006 volume 28 5

3D magnetic model of the Earths crust of the Ukrainian shield and its petrologic-tectonic interpretation

© Pashkevich I.K., Orlyuk M.I., Eliseeva S.V., Bakarzhieva M.I., Lebed T.V., Raminets A.A.

Analysis of anomalous magnetic field and spatial distribution of deep magnetic heterogeneities of the Ukrainian Shield (USh) evidence that morpho-structure of the Shield is not reflected in distribution of magnetic heterogeneities but the largest concentration of magnetic formations belongs to its marginal parts and slopes. Two-storied distribution of magnetic bodies in the Eatrh's crust and increased concentration of magnetic formations above deep sources have been substantiated. Petrologic-tectonic interpretation of 3D magnetic model of the Earth's crust of the USh has been given. The deep magnetic heterogeneities in the intervals of depths from 10-18 km up to petrologic discontinuity belong to different petrologic types: ultramafite, mafic, phemic, sial-mafic and sialic. Dependence of rocks magnetization value on the age of their formation and cyclic character of tension regimes.

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