Geophysical Journal | 2006 volume 28 5

The nature of anomalous magnetic field of a province of Central-Arctic Uplifts in Amerasian basin of the Arctic Ocean

© Verba V.V.

Description of anomalous magnetic field of the province of Central-Arctic Uplifts of Amerasian basin including Alfa Ridge, Mendeleev and Chukotka Uplifts has been given in the article. Its frequency-spectral characteristics have been studied. Existing view-points as to geological nature of anomalous magnnetic field of the main positive morpho-structures of Amerasian basin have been considered. Based on complex analysis of up-to date geologic-geophysical information the author comes to a conclusion that the province of Central-Arctic uplifts of Amerasian basin is a megablock of continental crust subjected to active manifestation of intraplate volcanism.

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