Geophysical Journal | 2006 volume 28 5

Petromagnetism of subaerial deposits of Peribaikalian (base section near the village Novorazvodnaya, Irkutsk region)

© Kazanskiy A.Yu., Ryashenko T.G., Matasova G.G., Akulova V.V., Ukhova N.N.

Regularities in variation of magnetic properties of loess and buried soils in Cisbaikalia (East Siberia) were studied: mineral magnetic composition of subaerial deposits, difference in their genesis, relative concentration, and magnetic grain size were recognized. Comparison of magnetic properties of East-, West- and Central-Siberian loess/paleosol deposit was carried out as well as comparison with magnetic properties of lake sediments from the Baikal Lake. It is found that magnetic signature of paleoclimatic signal in loess/paleosol deposits from Cisbaikalia. corresponds to "Siberian" type of formation of magnetic properties in subaerial deposits. Climatic proxy in magnetic signature is supported by correlation with grain-size data, chemical composition of loess and buried soils and geochemical climatic indicators.

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