Geophysical Journal | 2006 volume 28 5

The studies of connections of seismic regime of the Crimean region with the phases of 11-year cycle of solar activity

© Kuznetsova V.G., Maksymchuk V.Yu., Gorodyskiy Yu.M., Klimkovich T.A.

Probable relations of features of a seismic regime in Crimea with phases in a 11years cycle of solar and magnetic activity are investigated. The analysis was executed for earthquakes of different force in limits of three time intervals (1751-1974, 1927-1984, 1927-1997 yrs.), in which the seismic data are homogeneous. For the first period 83% of earthquakes are marked in a phase of a maximum (from -3 to +3 yrs.), and for two following in a phase of a maximum (-1,0) and a minimum (+5) in a 11-years cycle of solar activity. These results are well adjusted with similar researches which were executed for separate seismic-active regions (Carpathian mountains, the Kuril-Kamchatka zone etc.).

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