Geophysical Journal | 2006 volume 28 5

Regularities of Eurasia rotation

© Zemtsov V.A.

Angular rotation velocity is the main characteristic of the rotational motion of a solid body. In plate tectonics, it is estimated not very accurately and is based on the assumption that every continent is a hard slab carried by asthenospheric circulation. Calculations of the instantaneous angular rotation velocities of the domains of modern Eurasia disprove this concept, help better understand the structural hierarchy of the Earth and patterns of interaction between the continental lithosphere and the lower mantle, build new models of rotation of a continent and determine the force moment, which rotates it, its value depending primarily on the angular rotation velocity of the Earth's mantle, the dimensions and geographic position of a continent. Based on palaeomagnetic and geological data, similar and new patterns of the rotational tectonics of the continental lithosphere can be recognized in the Eurasia's history.

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