Geophysical Journal | 2006 volume 28 5

Studies of statistical characteristics of vector anomalous geomagnetic field on the oceans

© Batkova L.A., Demina I.M., Kolesova V.I. Markov A.M.

Knowledge of statistical characteristics of components of anomalous geomagnetic field is necessary for correct design of geomagnetic mapping, for the choice of parameters of geomagnetic field transformations, for solving special and applied problems. As a result of analysis, performed by the data of unique measurements onboard scientific investigation ship "Zarya" along the profiles cross-cutting different geologic-morphologic provinces of seas and oceans, the following facts can be stated. Statistical characteristics of anomalous field components reflect geological heterogeneities of the bottom of the World Ocean, they have similar features but they are different at different latitudes; realization of rectangular components of AMTS differ considerably by the "portrait" of the field and in this case give additional possibilities for solving navigation problem. It allows to decrease the size of the measured area and to increase navigation accuracy considerably.

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