Geophysical Journal | 2006 volume 28 6

Three-dimensional magnetic model of the Surozh gold ore deposit

©T.V. Lebed, I.K. Pashkevich, S.V. Yeliseeva

Results of large scale magnetic modeling of the Surozh gold ore zone have been presented. Magnetic field above the structure is being analyzed, taking into account magnetic characteristics of rocks of the ore field and enclosing rocks as well as the data on geologic structure. Possibilities of estimation of the depth of occurrence of low margins of magnetic sources have been studied. Parameterization of three-dimensional magnetic model of the area of western and cent-ral magnetic anomalies has been fulfilled. Heterogeneity of magnetization of rock masses of the structure of the Surozh gold ore deposit has been shown, which is connected not only with the change of its value but also with direction of the vector of residual magnetization. The conclusion has been made on the necessity to introduce magnetic anisotropy of rocks the use of which made possible to obtain satisfactory discrepancy between the observed and calculated fields.

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