Geophysical Journal | 2006 volume 28 6

Evaluation of productivity of local traps by composition of heavy hydrocarbons in near-surface sediments of the Central part of the West-Siberian Plate

© V.I. Isayev, Yu.V. Korzhov, T.I. Romanova, N.M. Bochkareva

The samples of soil from blast holes of seismic exploration wells were studied by methods of organic geochemistry (gas chromatography - GC and chromato-mass spectrometry - GC/MS) for discovery of anomalous concentrations of heavy oil hydrocarbons. Availability of circular zones of anomalous concentrations of aromatic hydrocarbons have been revealed, which are laterally confined to anticline traps revealed by seismic exploration. Taking into account anomalies of intensities, clearness of anomalous zones and composition of aromatic hydrocarbons, rating has been performed for 7 oil-perspective traps and priority bore hole has been determined. For increasing the efficiency of petroleum survey seismic exploration was recommended to be accompanied by near-surface geochemical exploration. As informative index of trap productivity anomalies of concentrations of compounds with phenanthrenes nucleus, alkylbenzenes with normal structure, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons have been recommended.

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