Geophysical Journal | 2006 volume 28 6

Tectonic position of earthquakes centers of Volyno-Podillya

© L.V. Myronivska, S.V. Mychak

Geotectonic attachment of the origins of historic local seismic events taking place on the territory of Volyno-Podillya in XIX and XX centuries, as well as the origins of actual earthquakes are considered. Tectonic connection of earthquakes with the source nearby the town of Mikulintsi in Ternopil region is analyzed in detail. It is shown, that in the indicated region the earthquakes with seismic intensity exceeding indicated on the normative map of common seismic zoning of the territory of the country SR-78 can be realized. The mechanism of their origins will be determined by both subvertical motions of separate tectonic blocks and their mutual horizontal moving. Recommendations for geophysical and geotectonic researches are necessary for reliable determination of seismic hazard level from the local earthquakes are formulated.

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