Geophysical Journal | 2007 volume 29 ¹1

Sea Surface Circulation within the Eastern Mediterranean derived from Satellite Observations of Altimetry and Wind

© Moncef Boukthir, Jihène Abdennadher, Jaouher Jebali

We describe the sea level anomaly variations within the eastern basin of the Mediterranean from 9 years of satellite altimeter data. The surface circulation seems to be characterized by an intense eddy activity. Moreover, the month-to-month changes of the basin-integrated sea level show a strong seasonal cycle. A reasonable agreement between the results deduced from altimeter data and those from in-situ data and models illustrates the improved accuracy of TOPEX/POSEIDON and confirms the capability of the satellite altimeter data for reproducing the main features of the surface circulation and its ability to accurately measure the variable part of the sea surface topography.
The surface geostrophic current anomalies deduced from the satellite sea level anomaly as well as the total current confirmed the observed high spatial variability of the sea surface circulation and particularly reproduced with some realism the meanders of the Libyan coastal current.

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