Geophysical Journal | 2007 volume 29 1

Dynamics of land and sea level on the western coast of the Black Sea

© Andrianova O.R., Belevich R.R., Skipa M.I.

The expressed tendency of non-monotonic increase of the sea level (various by intensity) at stations on the western coast of the Black sea is established. This increase has oscillatory character and short- and long-periodical waves are present. The periods and amplitudes of these oscillations are estimated. The character and values of land's lowering at each station during supervision (since 1875) have been determined using a method of water leveling. It is shown that non-monotonic growth of the sea level at stations various by intensity is a consequence of the same land's lowering. This testifies the necessity of taking into account the revealed features in case of engineering coastal researches.

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