Geophysical Journal | 2007 volume 29 1

Three-dimensional velocity structure of the mantle of Ukraine and presence of oil and gas

© Shumlyanskaya L.A., Zayets L.N., Tsvetkova T.A.

Velocity structure of the mantle of oil-gas regions of Ukraine was considered. Regularities of velocity structure of these areas were recognized. Two types of mantle areas of oil-gas regions of Ukraine were subdivided, the first one for border parts of East- European platform and the second one for the rift structure (Dneprovo-Donesck depression). The biggest deposits of oil and gas of Ukraine are found to be connected to anomalies within the Golicyna-Geyko layer, which is velocity characteristic of the transitional layer of mantle. So it is shown that velocity characteristics of tectonosphere contain information about areas of oil and gas generation.

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