Geophysical Journal | 2007 volume 29 1

Electromagnetic studies in the region of Duzcian earthquake 12.11.1999, Turkey

© Rokityanskiy I.I., Tunker M.K., Tank S.B., Tolak E., Kaya T., Litvinchuk N.I., Savchenko T.S., Shevchuk A.A.

The variations of natural electromagnetic field were recorded in the range of periods 10-3-103s in 17 sites in the vicinity of the Duzce 1999 earthquake. Specific resistivity of superficial layers is equal to few units of ohmmeters over the northern and southern branches of North Anatolian fault zone, and few hundreds in mountains between these branches. Induction vectors mark insignificant anomalies in upper layers. Deep anomalies according to preliminary analysis are not found.

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