Geophysical Journal | 2007 volume 29 2

Electromagnetic signals of lithospheric origin in modern surface and remote sounding systems

© V.N. Shuman

Urgent and unsolved problems of the studies of electromagnetic signals of lithospheric origin are being discussed in the paper. Attention i s focused on physical aspects of their generation, propagation and application in modern surface and remote sounding systems in case of applied geoelectricity problems are being solved as well as the models of geological medium are being produced and means of its phenomenological description created. Interconnection and commonness of electrodynamic phenomena in the Earth's magnetosphere, ionosphere, atmosphere and lithosphere is being underlined. The problem of effects of endogenous factor on electric state of near earth atmospheric layer, where vertical electric field of global electric chain works and through which the current of this chain runs, is under study. Relation of spatial-temporal structure of natural electromagnetic field on the interface "land - air", connected with distribution of surface density of charges on this surface and reflecting the structure and geodynamics of the geo-medium is being analyzed. Taking into account the fact that in exact "normal" meaning inverse problem of electromagnetic sounding appears to be unsolvable, its weakened setting is being formulated, when only approximate reconstruction of informational spatial-temporal structure of the field on the surface is stipulated.

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