Geophysical Journal | 2007 volume 29 2

Fast algorithm for solving direct problem of gravimetry

© A.P. Petrovskiy, T.A. Fedchenko, V.N. Suyatinov

The transfer to creation of realistic geological cross sections, based on geophysical data, requires the necessity of application of 3D spatial models of the medium. For mathematical description of such models 3D grids are used. These grids can contain from hundreds of thousands to tens millions of cells. Modeling of geophysical fields on the basis of solution of direct problems of geophysics, including gravity, is complicated by a range of computational difficulties. These difficulties result from the ever-increasing time required for model processing. To overcome this difficulty a new fast algorithm for solution of direct spatial 3D problem of gravimetry is being put forward. The algorithm utilizes the symmetry properties of the basis function for central-symmetrical approximating elementary object. Based on the conducted computational experiments we have received an analytical estimation of the speed-up at the expense of new faster algorithm.

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