Geophysical Journal | 2007 volume 29 3

Magnetic susceptibility of sandstones of the central part of Dnieper-Donets depression and its connection with volume-filtration parameters

© Shepel S.I., Rybak L.A., Kondratieva N.A., Sakharuk S.P., Kravchuk M.V.

Magnetic susceptibility (x), porosity, permeability of the Dniepr-Donetsk depression sandstones and thier correlation are investigated. Significant magnetic differentiation of the investigated rocks is determened. This gives us a possibility to use this parameters as a petrophysical criterion. Strong enough inversely proportional connection between magnetic suceptibility and porosity of the investegated sandstones and weak dependence between and permeability are discovered. The intervals of x changes with different gradient porosity and permeability coefficient are determined. The magnetic susceptibility can be used as an express petrophysical parameter for qualitative porosity assessment of similar litological collectors with big enough porosity change.

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