Geophysical Journal | 2007 volume 29 3

Experimental studies of nanostructures in rocks

© Sobolev G.A., Vettegren V.I., Kireenkova S.M., Kulik V.B., Morozov Yu.A., Smulskaya A.I., Pikulin W.A.

Results of experimental studies of nanostructures within rocks made by two physical methods have been presented. Nanocrystals of anatase, quartz and plagioclase have been found and identified within a rock by the method of Raman scattering. Dimensions of anatase and quartz nanocrystals in different places of the sample vary from 5 to 9 nm, and plagioclase nanocrystals are mainly of a constant size - about 20nm. Some structures have been found on "intact" and polished surfaces of rocks, which are similar to sharply cut "mountain ridges" and "hills". Their height on the "intact" surface varies from 3-40nm and on the polished surface it varies from 1 to 500nm.

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