Geophysical Journal | 2007 volume 29 3

Structural features of mineral environment under PT-conditions of different depths of the Earth's crust

© Korchin V.A.

Simultaneously with the studies of elastic features of rocks under different high thermodynamic parameters their structural transformations have been studied by optical, electron-microscopic, X-Ray and other methods. Correlation has been found between the changes of elastic parameters of rocks and their structural transformations within different PT-intervals. Under PT corresponding to negative changes of velocities Vp, Vs, with increasing of -loadings(in other words with the depth), the rocks experience cataclastic alterations. With further increase of PT loading, corresponding to the depths 12-18 km, alterations of structural features of rocks are similar to those, specific to regional low-temperature metamorphism. In this case velocities Vp, Vs increase dramatically with depth.

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