Geophysical Journal | 2007 volume 29 4

Polarization properties of the trappean products of Volyn and an experience of applying phase-spectral method of induced polarization for native copper search

© V.G. Nurmukhamedov

Joint analysis of phase-frequency characteristics (PFC) of 85 copper-bearing samples has been conducted of rocks from the trappean formations of Volyn, their specific electric resistance and density based on macroscopic studies of petrografic composition of volcanites, the degree of their post-magmatic alterations, content and dimensions of ore inclusions as well as results of field geological- geophysical works. Frequency areas of native copper, ilmenite, magnetite polarizability have been revealed. It was found that the studies of induced polarization of one frequency allow the mapping of volcanites, which differ by composition, tectonic faults and the areas of altered rocks. A possibility has been revealed to discover accumulations of native copper with small contents by velocity of changes of the angle of phase shift with frequency. Dependences of behavior of PFC curves on content and dimensions of grains of ore minerals have been found, electric resistances and densities of volcano-genic formations. Examples are given of field works results with application of induced polarization phase-spectral method.

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