Geophysical Journal | 2007 volume 29 4

Some energetic evaluations for rheological models of continually damaged medium

© V.B. Spirtus

For nonlinear rheology media with developing distributed damage with possible consideration of viscosity, plasticity, porosity and dilation of rocks the variant of update concept of the power durability after Yu. V. Riznichenko is proposed. Correlation between contribution to complete internal energy of damage and other factors is explored on the examples of tension of viscous-elastic bar and tri-axial compression of high-porous rocks. Computations testify the decrease of relative power solidity with growth of damage. For a block medium with complex rheology connections of seismic activity with law of conservation of energy are considered. It is noted, that seismic cycles, set for basic seismic belts of the Earth, are determined by speed of pumping of energy and work of consolidation of characteristic blocks. For estimation of seismic danger it is proposed to watch the change of relative power durability and energy saturation of large blocks of medium.

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