Geophysical Journal | 2007 volume 29 4

Magnetic model of kimberlite pipe

© M.I. Bakarzhieva, M.I. Orlyuk

Results of numerical 3D magnetic modeling of typical kimberlite pipe are presented. For creating magnetic model of kimberlite pipes the data on their geological structure, the character of magnetic field above them as well as magnetic susceptibility of rocks, which are components of pipes and their environment have been taken into account. A set of variants of magnetic models of the pipes for different erosion sections and minimal and maximal values of magnetic susceptibility of component rocks have been counted. Typical kimberlite pipes depending on the depth of erosion section and on the ratio of the values of magnetic susceptibility of pipes themselves and the environment of the pipe are able to cause sub-isometric anomalies from the units of tesla (for minimal values of magnetic susceptibility) to hundreds of nanotesla (for maximal values of magnetization of pipe rocks).

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