Geophysical Journal | 2007 volume 29 4

Generalized method of three-wavelengths atmospheric measurements

© H.H. Asadov, E.S. Abbaszadeh, Sh.T. Suleymanov, I.M. Mirzabalayev

   It has been shown that both for land and satellite measurements of total amount of separate minor gaseous components in the atmosphere, ozone, for example, the influence of the main unstable factor aerosol is the same. To exclude the influence of aerosol on the result of measurements, application of a well-known three-wave method has been proposed when measurements are made at the wavelengths λ13 where λ123 and further relative index of results of measurements is calculated, which, in case of observing definite conditions do not contain instable aerosol component. Generalization of the well known Bouger-Beer equation has been proposed for three-wavelength method of measurement. Conditions for achievement of stabile results of measurement of the proposed generalized index of solar constant has been formulated. Results of experimental studies, which support the presence of invariant index of solar constant have been set forth.

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