Geophysical Journal | 2007 volume 29 4

Electrodynamics of the atmosphere and geo-electric exploration

© V.N. Shuman

Results of experimental studies and theoretical analysis of some aspects of the problem of thermodynamics of the atmosphere are given in the sketch, which concern revealing the relations between changes of electric field near the Earth's surface and the parameters of ionosphere. Attention is concentrated on the problems of participation of ionosphere and atmosphere in global electric chain, related to penetration of the field from the lower layers of atmosphere to ionosphere as well as application of near-earth atmospheric electricity in the studies of irregularities of geo-electric cross-section and control of geodynamic processes in the Earth's crust. The subjects have been chosen in this case, in which the problems of atmospheric hydrodynamics and geo-electric exploration interlace to some extent. Discussion on the problem of generation of toroidal magnetic fields in weakly conductive atmosphere of the Earth continues in the network of two well-known hypotheses that the atmospheric layer is thin and the currents in atmosphere are oriented along the field, and atmosphere is not electrically neutral. Attention is paid to impossibility of the studies of parameters of global electric chain by the data available in the world net of geomagnetic observatories due to poor accuracy of geomagnetic measurements.

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