Geophysical Journal | 2007 volume 29 4

On cyclic character of Carpathian earthquakes and their relation to solar activity

© E.D. Kuzmenko, E.I. Kryzhanivskiy, R.S. Pronishyn, A.N. Karpenko, I.V. Chepurnyi

Features of distribution in time (by years) of total number of earthquakes and the total energy allocated at earthquakes on the territory of Carpathian region of Ukraine are considered. It is stated that seismic activity of the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains is the magnitude rhythmical with the mid-annual period of the basic harmonic of fluctuations approximately of 11 years. It is also revealed, that increasing of quantity and energy of earthquakes coincides with time of the solar calm in a row of Wolf's numbers. Authors of the article make a conclusion about an opportunity of the forecast of the common seismic activity in the region owing to its close connection with solar activity.

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