Geophysical Journal | 2007 volume 29 5

Tree-dimensional density model of the Earth's crust and the upper mantle of the Ukrainian Shield

© Kuprienko P.Ya., Makarenko I.B., Starostenko V.I., Legostayeva O.V.

Three-dimensional density model of the Ukrainian Shield applying the results of reinterpretation of seismic materials along geo-traverses and DSS profiles as well as the data of petrophysical studies has been plotted, which enables to obtain new data on density distribution within the volume of the Earth's crust. Special features of density distribution within each megablock have been revealed, the areas of location of crust-mantle mixture as well as mantle component of gravity effect has been calculated. Thicknesses of the Earth's crust layers: "granitic", "dioritic" and "basaltic" ones have been calculated on the base of the plotted three-dimensional density model. The ratio of thicknesses of the Earth's crust layers enabled to prognosticate the material composition of the deep blocks of the shield (to determine the types of the crust): to the west of transregional suture Kherson-Smolensk basaltic and leuco-basaltic layers prevail, to the east of it granite-dioritic and dioritic types prevail. Therefore the regularity of decrease of basic character of rocks of the shield from the west to the east has been confirmed.

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