Geophysical Journal | 2007 volume 29 5

Multi-frequency components of geoid anomalies, their structure and nature

© Dovbnich M.M.

An analysis of structure and possible nature of the geoid anomalies obtained by satellite observations is made in this paper. As a result of spectral analysis separation of the digital model of geoid anomalies obtained in the frames of GRACE project into three components has been made. It was demonstrated that the geoid anomalies are the superposition of anomalies produced by different causes. An attempt was made to explain the nature of different components of the geoid anomalies. On a more detailed scale the geoid anomalies on the territory of Ukraine and adjacent regions have been analyzed. The possibilities of using the geoid anomalies resulting from satellite's observations for the estimation of the stress-deformed state of tectonosphere produced by the disturbances of geoisostasy, are also discussed.

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