Geophysical Journal | 2007 volume 29 5

One-dimensional modelling of the history of tectonic sinking of the Sea-of-Azov and the north-western shelf of the Black Sea during the Cretaceous-Neogene

© Khriachtchevskaia O.I., Stovba S.N., Stephenson R.A.

New concepts are presented and existing ones have been elucidated on the main stages of the tectonic evolution of the north-western shelf of the Black and Azov seas since the Early Cretaceous. The results are based on seismic and drilling data. For the first time, the detailed tectonic subsidence history of the study area, based on one-dimensional numerical modelling of 49 sections are presented. The temporal interrelationships of tectonic processes occurring in the study area are considered.

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