Geophysical Journal | 2007 volume 29 5

Phase and group velocities of seismic waves propagation in dissipative medium, their real and imaginary components

© Gryn N.Ye., Gryn D.N., Mukoyed N.I., Gordienko L.Ya.

Constructive algorithms have been proposed for determination of phase and group velocities of seismic waves in non-ideal elastic medium. Real and imaginary constituents of these velocities have been determined as well as the angles of deviation of modules from their real components. Phase spectra extended by continuity are used by their discontinuous main values. Relative times of harmonics delay are calculated directly by delays of phases or by corrected minimal phase characteristics as well as by envelopes of narrow-band basis functions, which approximate seismic track. Each envelope in its narrow band of frequencies gives information about time delay, which is necessary for calculation of phase and group velocity.

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