Geophysical Journal | 2007 volume 29 5

On longitudinal variations of field of magnetosphere disturbances (results of calculations according to Tsyganenko model T02)

© Maksimenko O.J., Yaremenko L.N., Melnik G.V., Shenderovskaya O.Ya., Bakhmutov V.G.

The calculations of a full magnetic field lead on model Tsyganenko 02 magnetospheric disturbance and making its fields of a ring current RC and fields of Birkeland's currents have revealed asymmetry on local time of longitudinal variations for quiet and disturbance time in March 1998. The increase in size of a magnetic field and displacement on time of its maximum in longitudinal variations with growth of a Dst-index from evening hours aside day is shown. Increases in amplitude of longitudinal fluctuations of a full magnetic field almost twice in relation to the amplitude of a ring current magnetic field equal 5-6 nT in quiet conditions (on March, 23 1998 in 16UT) near to equator, and also growth of a field with latitude are certain. Distortion of quasi-wave forms of a longitudinal field variations at the high latitudes, having North-southern asymmetry which is partly caused by variations of fields of disturbance and making its fields of a ring current and Birkeland's current fields is marked.

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