Geophysical Journal | 2007 volume 29 6

Three-dimensional density model of the Earth's crust of the western margin of the Antarctic Peninsula

© O.M. Rusakov, I.B. Makarenko, S.S. Chulkov

Based on the results of field companies during the 9 and 10th Ukrainian Antarctic expeditions, an anomaly free air map was compiled for the Argentinean Islands area. A 3D density model was constructed for the Western Antarctic Peninsula using the seismic data of the Polish Antarctic geodynamic expeditions (1979-1991) which revealed new peculiarities of the complex deep structure in this region. The areas of different destructions were delineated in the continental crust resulted from the influence of the different thermal regime of the mantle. This conclusion was reached by analyzing the residual (mantle) anomalies obtained by removal of the crustal gravity effect from the observed field.

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