Geophysical Journal | 2007 volume 29 6

Spatial disturbance of magnetic field of the Earth and some infection diseases

© M.I. Orliuk, A.F. Frolov, V.I. Zadorozhnaya, A.A. Romenets

First results of interdisciplinary studies have been presented on interconnection between spatial disturbance of magnetic field of the Earth and people illnesses for flu and acute respiratory diseases (ARD) within Ukrainian climatic-geographical zone. A new criterion of magnetic field disturbance ΔDecol has been used and statistical data on ARD for the regions of Ukraine and AR Crimea for the period 1991-2002. Correlation coefficients are calculated for separate years (measured within the limits r = 0,32÷0,67) and for the whole period (r = 0,68) testify the influence of ΔDecol on the number of diseases of people for flu and ARD.

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