Geophysical Journal | 2008 volume 30 1

Correlation of density structure of Pre-Jurassic deposits and zones of oil-gas accumulation along the regional seismic profile XIII (central part of the West-Siberian plate)

© Isayev V.I., Lobova G.A.

Regional seismoprofile XIII traverses the central part of West Siberian plate from Eniseysk to the East Ural geoblock. Tectonics on travers efforts, oil-and-gas regions and hydrocarbon deposits, stratigraphy and sedimentology by primary oil-and-gas-bearing complex has been considered. The density model of Pre-Jurassic bases, Jurassic and Cretaceous sediments have been constructed by methods of geodensity simulation (on basis of the determination of the reverse linear task of gravimetry). Zones of decompression and compression, indentified with reservoirs, channels of migrations, parent rocks, fluid traps and anomalous sources of heat were marked out. Correlations of tectonics, well-known hydrocarbon deposits and oil-and-gas regions with revealed density structure displayed their coordination and syngenetics. The forecast of zones of hydrocarbon accumulation in Pre-Jurassic section of Culingol mega-saddle, Cass mega-depression, Bachilov mega-bank, Varjegan mega-bank, Piakupur mega-depression, Surgut dome, Jugor dome, Visim mega-bank has been performed. The studies demonstrate the initial petroleum geological analysis, geodensity simulation and the following petroleum geological interpretation.

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